Tuesday, September 29, 2009


3/09/2009 (Thursday )
Title : Business Model

For class today we learn about business model. So today lecture describe to us about capital business. A model is one plan or diagram namely used at making or describes something.

Further business model was one firm business model is his plan or diagram for how it compete, use his resources, structures his relationships, interfaces with customers, and hold value to sustain itself in basis those gains it produce. Period “business model” do used to cover all those activities define how a company competing in market.

Interest a business model have one this clearly articulated business model is important because it can be followers serves as an extension on contingency analysis. Keep an eye on of how all elements for which qualified joint business and form one overall job. Reflect why network participants want to make a viability business idea is set to work together. And say a logic heart of company for all shareholders, including firm workers.

Its business model is so useful for one new effort to look in inside self one way holistic and understand that it must build one effective “business model” be successful. All those people does work with a company, of his customers to his friends, can be so that on a voluntary basis. As a result, a company must spur his customers and his friends to play along. Close attention for every low elements the a firm business model would be vital for one new venture success.

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