Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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24/08/2009 (Monday)

Title: Debriefing, Project Business Ideas

Today, lecture teaches me of comment briefly in business ideas project. Assessment in business ideas we should know lodge report, presentation and peer evaluation. In learning outcomes, we should know three rotations is content knowledge, process skill, habit of mind.

In content knowledge one must possess creativity, idea and opportunity Analysis. Content this was necessary know method of generating ideas and innovation, must be have training. How to solve the problem with creative and opportunity recognition.

There are three major hurdles to overcome before any idea can come to fruition is identify a problem, we need to focus the problem and need to selection. Idea generation and idea selection.

The good business idea is we should solve problem or provide a need to do. We should be make improvement a better way to accomplish task in the business. Know about cause people want to buy.

In process skill have three process is communications, self-management and group process. In communications need to giving opinion about speaking, publishing and presenting. Self-management could be having take responsibility at time and task management. The group processes also have responsibility in teamwork and collaboration.

While habits of mind, reflective on learning is creative, imagining and innovating. Need to know how want applying knowledge to new situations. And thinking and communicating clarity.

What project demonstrates in the real world must be complex. Realistic, we must be create own motivation about project. Need to use imagination in thinking, under conditions of uncertainty and important to be passionate.

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