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second report

23/07/09 ( Thursday )

Creativity, business idea, and Opportunity Analysis New Ideas Resources.

Consumers should be informal supervision potential ideas and requirements. Dan officially arrange for consumers produce opinions them. While live products and services for analysis open ways to increase offers which could cause a new product or service. Further distribution channels to give members can help market newly developed products.

Idea-idea's resources new from centre Government of Files of the Patent Office contain numerous new product possibilities and product new ideas can come in response for government regulation. From Research and development is new ideas largest source is own entrepreneur “research and development” efforts. May become one formal effort connected with a current job. And a inside informal laboratory fruit a basement or garage.

Methods generate new ideas in focus groups it inside group discussion middlemen focus one way directive or free. And an excellent method for initially screening ideas and concepts. Its brainstorming allow people get turned on for creativity larger. Dan even though most ideas generated has no basis for further development, sometimes a good idea emerge. Further inventory analysis its problem analogous to focus groups and can become used to test a new product idea. Decisions must carefully evaluated as they may be no actually reflect a new business opportunity.

Creative Problem solution such as creativity is one Berjaya an entrepreneur's important property. Creativity care to decline with age, education, lack of use, and bureaucracy. And having creative potential latent a single individual can be stifled by perception, cultural, emotional, and organization factors.

Creative Problem-Solving Techniques have been lots technique among them was Brainstorming applies in creative problem and production solution creative problem idea and solution: a method to seek ideas have just concentrated on the parameter. Reverse brainstorming is one group method to seek ideas have just concentrated on negative. Brain writing is brainstorming form written and it quiet, written generation of ideas by set. Gordon method is method for new ideas grow when those individuals is unconscious problem. Checklist method is one expanded new idea further a related list of issues. Free association was one expanded new idea further a chain association associations said.

Technique further such as forced relationships is one expanded new idea by looking in products combinations. Collective Notebook Method was one expanded new idea by frequent group members recording ideas. Attribute listing is one expanded new idea by looking in the positive and negative. Big-Dream approach is one expanded new idea by thinking without constraint. Dan analyses Parameter was one expanded new idea by focusing of parameter and synthesis identification creative.

Types of Innovation occur in entrepreneur was development firsts, least innovations and set up the platform on those future innovations within one field is develop. Example was penicillin, steam engine, computer. Second was its technology not in same level scientific discovery and progress as development inventions and offer progress in products / market area. for example was personal computer, voice and text message. while third would be accustomed namely happened most frequent and usually come of market analysis and attract not technology push.

Define a New Innovation (Products or Service)

Among them was new its can become as in consumer concept, change in package or former, and Change in colors of packages. In industrial market also was products was called “new” when only slightly alterations or modifications had been made in apparently. And companies also add products to their product line that are already marketed by other companies

Opportunity Analysis plan was one opportunity analysis plan not one its business plan focus on idea and market (opportunity) to the idea. A usual opportunity analysis plan has four parts namely idea and competition description its, domestic and international market assessment to the idea, the entrepreneur and team assessment, and the measures discussion want at making policy idea for one viable business venture.

Its idea and conception was to create a prototype or schematic products.

Identify and list all competitive company in products (service) market space. Compared with at least three competitive products / most similar services in filling identified this market requirement show external sale usually opinions (USP). And entrepreneur needs to reevaluate if the idea does not have at least 3–5 unique selling propositions

The Market and the Opportunity is greeted the size and features for market.

It is market data necessarily collected for at least three years and can be done through raise as numerous secondary (printed) data as possible. While market and entrepreneur opportunity can determine if the market is big enough and suitable to ensure time and effort need to further develop a business plan and actually come in market.

Entrepreneur and Team Assessment is entrepreneurship entrepreneur and team need to be assessed. At least one person in team needs that had experience in new idea industrial area. Allow the entrepreneur to determine if he in fact are suitable to successfully move his idea to market.

The Next Steps need to be identified and included sequential order. Time and money want for needs every step would be determined. If idea cannot be self financed, when sources of capital need to be identified.

Product Planning and Development Process. Divided into five major stages

Idea stage, Concept stage, Product development stage, Test marketing stage and Commercialization.


Use E-commerce Creatively.

Entrepreneurs start a Internet trade effort need to address similar strategic questions and tactical as any other entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs need to decide for internet run in the company operation, or external source these operations to Internet experts and another option is to use packages for e-commerce.

Tracking Customer Information is its database is activity streets Industry, Segment, and Company. While support personal marketing intended at individual customer. Necessarily arrest customer get attention with straight fight marketing habit.

Doing E-Commerce as an Entrepreneurial Company

To do business over Internet is Product necessarily sent economically and easily and Product must want a big market fruit. Company must be prepared for ship his geographical location external product own. On-line operations should take important cost reduction. Company must possess the ability to economically draw customers to its Web site.

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