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13/7/09 ( Monday )

Today I can understand learning of entrepreneurship. Specific this is for business basic business for entrepreneurship and development explore new. Specific this also made for those students no experience with academic theories and practical approach for phenomenon entrepreneurship and to describe entrepreneurship nature and process in such a way those students be intrigued with concepts, and current issues in this field.

In specific this also found 3 skills in order to be successful entrepreneurship was clever to communicate, group process and self-management. Communicate such as well articulated, presentation and publication. Group process also must be available leadership, teamwork and cooperate. While self-management was clever in time management and task, and monitor self.

I know of thinking habits in entrepreneurship. Among them was permanent, manage impulsivity, hearing with understanding and Empathy, thinking account , struggle for accuracy, question and raise problems, use last knowledge to new situations, thinking and with regard to clarity and accuracy, data collection all completed sense, create, reflect, reform, take responsible risks, discovery humor, interdependently permanent thinking and openness for continuous learning.

Specific this have rather principles for entrepreneurship. We must be involved actively in learning activities, we should learn cooperate help between one same other and had role in example assessment same in leadership, peer or self assessment.

Learning results by today bring content and process with was knowledge content, thinking process and assessment.

16/07/09 ( Thursday )

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mind-set

Entrepreneurship definition was the process create something new and arrogant those risks and rewards. Have been four aspect in order to be entrepreneur today-was creation involves process, need time and effort loyalty, also involves rewards be an entrepreneur and it requires risk assumption will face.

In entrepreneurship said should know why some dream of becoming entrepreneurship. This found three low reason some wants to be entrepreneur and start own firm are because they desire become own boss, they desire to continue own ideas and would like to get reward finance.

We learn how want entrepreneurship process. Have been four level in firsts entrepreneurship was identify and evaluate opportunity have just as window of opportunity. Second stage is develop a business plan. Third stage also was determine need source such as capital. While fourth stage was manage undertaking decision.

In order to be a successful businessman we guard should know how entrepreneurs think. Among them was entrepreneurs situation might think differently when facing with a another job or environment decision. Dan gives environment nature their decision making, entrepreneurs sometimes should such as cause, be cognitive adaptable, learn from failure.

Intention to act Entrepreneurial was found entrepreneurship purposes is motivation factors which influenced individuals to continue entrepreneurship results. Possibility perception leading for an entrepreneur efficacy self. Self entrepreneurship efficacy. Confidence that a can with his victory implement entrepreneurship process. Accepted desire was the degree where one individual have one nice or unprofitable assessment of the potential entrepreneurship results.

Beside the background entrepreneur and Features is need such as education. This is because research findings show the education would be vital in an entrepreneur upbringing. This mirrored in level of education and had its role play in helping entrepreneurs serve those problems they face. Also to capacity to communicate with clear is important. Education no determine whether an entrepreneur would create a new business to exploit found opportunity.

Entrepreneur Background and Characteristics: Personal Values. Entrepreneurs diverge significantly of bureaucratic organization in industry nature, opportunism, the institution and individuality. Ethics and ethical behavior entrepreneur to be also interest. Most entrepreneurs initiate their entrepreneurial careers between the ages of 22 and 45. Other factors want to launch and manage a new effort with his victory is experience, financial assistance, and high energy level.

Further from working experience aspect is dissatisfaction with aspects at one work often motivate launch a new effort. Previous industry tech and experience is once decision important to launch is made. And experience in followers areas would be vital such as financing, product or service development, manufacturing, Development of distribution channels, preparation of a marketing plan. Experience start previous is one quite beginning good predictor companies further.

From me our study should know of role model and support system among them was role model can become parent, family members, or other entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs are viewed as catalyst by entrepreneurs potential. Dan role model served in a back-up capacity as current mentors and after launching a new effort. Entrepreneurs need to establish relationships and finally early network in new venture formation process. Strength of relationship between inside entrepreneur and any individual network is dependent above frequency, level, and relationship reciprocity.

Entrepreneurship need Moral Support network of Individuals who give psychological support to an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs need to establish a support moral family network and friends—a cheering squad. While friends can provide advice, encouragement, understanding, help. Further relatives may be strong moral support resources, especially if they also entrepreneurs.

Then for Professional-Support's network it requires entrepreneurs advice and advise establishment length new venture which could become obtained from mentors, business friends, trade association and affiliations personal. and entrepreneurial activity are grown in networks relationships interpersonal.

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