Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Third report

06/08/2009 ( Thursday )

Title: Oral Presentation

In class today I learn of presentation oral. Lecture narrates how we want prepare and current delivery presentation. Among them is we should write a script, it practice keep to make reference during our talk. We also must set up one our talk line, this practice to becoming reference. And were even speaker provide signal current cards talk take place.

And presented a our oral presentation also must follow time. Timing sees our time limit is permanent in 7 minutes. Something under 6 minutes is also one problem. Do a few rehearsal, written one script, or looking for another way a few to get just right time.

Volume we must be spoken sufficiently strong so that our audience altogether can hear we. we can get several ways to practice said a little louder in days before oral presentation.

Pacing , speed sometimes oral presentation is slightly nervous talk too fast. All the adrenalin cause they to speed up through their talk. Which made it hard for the audience to follow. In general, it helps listeners to understand you better if you said some slower and deliberately of you damage normal conversation. Slow down, take it easy, became clear.

Gesture and posture see on strike nervous hand fly over place. This even could be disturb and a bit comedy. Plan to keep your hand hugging with or holding onto podium and only occasionally gestured to a few. For style, avoid bent down in podium and leaning against wall.

Verbal crutches, on too nervous we will talk "uh," "you know," "okay" and other types oral habits nervous. Instead of saying "uh" or "you know" moment every three, only do not say something direct. In days before a person oral presentation, practice speaks without this oral armpit prop. Silence which replaced they not bad one this give listeners time to process what we said.

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